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How long will my dental crowns last?

A dental crown that is well-cared for can last 10-15 years or longer. Crowns are a dental restoration that we use at Palatine Complete Dental to restore function to a decayed or broken tooth. A crown is a customized, tooth-shaped porcelain jacket that Dr. Unti places on a damaged tooth to protect it from chewing forces and improve the aesthetics of your smile.

While the porcelain crown won’t decay, the underlying tooth can, and you can also develop periodontal disease around its base. Treatment for either may require removal of the crown, and it’s not always possible to reuse the crown after we’ve resolved the issue. 

dental crowns in palatine ilHow to Care For Your Dental Crown

To get the most longevity out of your crown as possible, you need to take excellent care of your oral health. Brushing twice a day and flossing once removes plaque buildup that leads to cavities and gum disease. If you’re unsure about the best way to clean around your dental work, one of our hygienists will be happy to demonstrate the proper technique.

Dental exams every six months allow Dr. Unti to examine the crown tooth to make sure it’s healthy and also check the condition of the crown itself. You can also protect your crown from damage by avoiding hard, crunchy foods or sticky foods like gummy candies that could loosen it or cause it to come off.

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