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In recent years, we’ve seen so many incredible advancements in dental technology that are all meant to improve the efficiency and outcome of dental treatments and procedures. At Palatine Complete Dental, we never forget that it’s the caring people here that make the difference, but we also value the role that technology plays in enhancing your comfort.

Please take a few minutes to browse through the leading-edge technology we currently offer. Then call us to schedule an appointment so we can show you how it all works to benefit you, your comfort, and your oral health.

TVs in Treatment Rooms

At Palatine Complete Dental, we go out of our way to ensure your comfort in every aspect of your oral health care. All our treatment rooms are equipped with chairside TVs, so you can enjoy your favorite show while we work to improve your oral health.

Nitrous Oxide

Dental anxiety makes it difficult for many people to seek and follow through with professional dental care. At Palatine Complete Dental, our goal is to break down any walls that stand between you and your healthiest smile. We are pleased to offer nitrous oxide (“laughing gas”) to take the edge off of your anxiety and allow you to get the high-quality, stress-free dentistry you need.

We administer nitrous oxide through a small mask, so all you need to do is relax and breathe normally. The effects take hold quickly, and you will start to feel very calm and a little drowsy, but you will remain fully conscious. You will feel a sense of well-being, and the activity around you will fade into the background.

After your procedure, we turn off the flow of nitrous and switch to pure oxygen to help dissipate the effects and leave you feeling refreshed and alert. With nitrous oxide, you won’t feel any lingering drowsiness, and you will be able to drive yourself to and from your appointment safely.


Panoramic x-ray machine

Panoramic X-Rays

Sometimes when Dr. Unti needs to diagnose a condition or plan treatment, it’s beneficial to see all the structures of your mouth and jaw in a single x-ray. In this case, he would recommend a panoramic x-ray.

This type of digital x-ray shows all teeth in your upper and lower jaw, as well as surrounding tissue and structures. It allows us to detect the position of teeth to plan root canals, extractions, implant placement, and identify impacted wisdom teeth. Panoramic x-rays also reveal advanced gum disease, tumors, cysts, and oral cancer.

To obtain the image, we have you stand still in front of the x-ray unit that rotates around your head in a semi-circle. Just like regular digital x-rays, we can view the images with you so you can see the problem, and we can discuss together the right treatment approach.

Digital X-Rays & Digital Sensors

We can see a lot with a visual dental exam, but we can’t see the whole picture of your oral health. Dental x-rays enable Dr. Unti to see what’s happening inside your teeth and under your gums where issues commonly develop. 

At Palatine Complete Dental, we use digital dental x-rays that emit about 80 percent less radiation than traditional film x-rays. Taking digital x-rays is also more comfortable for the patient because, instead of a bulky clip in your mouth, we use flat digital sensors to capture the images. 

Since digital x-rays deliver such crisp, highly-detailed images, they allow us to see decay and gum disease in their earliest stages. Detecting these issues early on is better for your oral health than waiting and saves you the expense of more complex dental treatment in the future. 

Dr. Unti can also share your x-rays with you on your chairside monitor so you can easily see the problem yourself and understand the need for treatment. Your digital x-rays become part of your patient history, and we store them on our secure in-house network. This makes them easily accessible for monitoring conditions or sending to specialists or to your insurance company.

Digitally Assisted Implant Planning

Coupled with a cone beam CBCT, digital implant planning software makes placing implants very predictable and accurate, especially when used to make surgical guides when necessary.  This can minimize most surprises when planning and placing Implants

Learn more about where we use this technology:

Electric Handpieces

More than ever before, the focus in dentistry is to ensure patients’ comfort and change their perception of oral health care. The state-of-the-art technology we use plays a large part in this, and electric handpieces are an excellent example.

There are several triggers for patients with dental anxiety, and one is the sensations that some equipment produces. In particular, the vibration and high-pitched whining sound of an air-driven drill are enough to cause some patients to avoid dental appointments.

At Palatine Complete Dental, we leave no stone unturned when it comes to your comfort. Our electric handpieces are significantly quieter and produce less vibration than air-driven tools. They also allow Dr. Unti to provide more comfortable, efficient dentistry.

Intraoral Cameras

When you had your last dental exam, did you feel informed about what was happening and what your dentist saw? At Palatine Complete Dental, we believe that the best way we can help you achieve excellent oral health is by making you part of the process.

During every dental exam, we use an intraoral camera to show you what’s happening inside your mouth. Dr. Unti moves the pen-sized digital camera over your teeth, and as he does, the magnified images appear instantly on your chairside monitor.

You can see the condition of your teeth clearly as we point out problem areas that need our attention. Seeing the situation for yourself and understanding the need for treatment empowers you to make confident decisions and gives you control over your oral health.

We can also save still images from your exam and include them in your patient record so we can use them to monitor ongoing conditions or send to specialists or insurance companies.

Laser Dentistry

With the assistance of dental lasers, Dr. Unti can perform many procedures more efficiently, comfortably, and with less recovery time and improved results than traditional techniques.

Using laser dentistry for procedures like gum contouring and crown lengthening improves the aesthetics of your smile and helps us efficiently prepare a tooth for a dental crown. Using dental lasers to remove infected gum tissue is also an advanced approach for treating periodontal disease.

Since our state-of-the-art lasers are less invasive than traditional methods, you will also experience less bleeding, faster recovery times, and better long-term outcomes.

Rotary Endodontics

There’s no dental procedure that’s feared more than root canals. But using state-of-the-art technology, we provide root canals that are more efficient and more comfortable than you ever thought possible.

Patients fear root canals for several reasons, and rotary endodontics does away with many of them. In the past, the only way to remove infected material from a tooth was with manual steel files that took time and created unpleasant sensations for many patients.

Instead, rotary endodontics uses a flexible nickel-titanium tip that fits the contours of the inside of your tooth to speed the process and improve your comfort. If you have ever had a root canal, we think you will be amazed by the difference!

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