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4 Signs You Might Need a Tooth Extraction

March 29, 2022
Posted By: Palatine Complete Dental
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When you are experiencing dental pain or discomfort, the first thing you want is relief! You may be inclined to remove that tooth to eliminate your pain, but is a tooth extraction suitable? Here are some situations where your Palatine dentist would recommend a tooth extraction.

#1 For a Severe Dental Infection

If your tooth is abscessed or infected beyond what a root canal can treat, you are probably experiencing pain and discomfort. In these cases, it's best to remove your tooth because the infection won't resolve independently, and a root canal can't save your tooth.

However, don't delay your tooth extraction if you find yourself in this situation because your infection can spread and impact other teeth and even critical parts of your body, like your brain.

#2 Dental Trauma

Sometimes, trauma or an accident can cause a tooth to be compromised. If it's cracked below the gumline or damaged beyond what we can save, it may be best to remove that tooth to protect your dental health.

#3 Advanced Gum Disease

If you suffer from periodontitis (advanced gum disease), it can impact the health and stability of your teeth. Periodontitis is a severe infection that destroys the bone and soft tissues that house your teeth, and if it's not effectively managed, it may result in tooth loss. Gum disease is the leading cause of tooth loss in American adults over thirty.

#4 A Severely Decayed or Damaged Tooth

Tooth decay that's left untreated will progress and eventually get much worse. When it reaches the nerve of your tooth, it can cause an infection. If you don't act quickly to preserve your tooth with root canal treatment, you may need to extract the tooth to maintain your dental health. 

Do You Have Questions about Tooth Extraction in Palatine?

If you need more information or have questions about tooth extraction, don't hesitate to contact your team at Palatine Complete Dental.

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